Press Song

There Is A Name By Yoyo Michael

Award winning Gospel artiste, Yoyo Michael who is known for her unique voice and unique Afrocentric style of music is out again with a brand new single titled “There is a Name”.

“There is a Name” is a slow tempo worship song that reminds us about the power in the name of Jesus. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the single, Yoyo Micheal humbly shared, “I believe there exists no other name that carries the unfathomable authority, love, and salvation that the name of Jesus embodies. ‘There is a Name’ serves as an unyielding declaration of Jesus’ greatness and majesty. My heartfelt prayer is that as people listen, they will encounter His glorious presence and undergo a transformative experience by His boundless love.”

“There is a Name” was produced by Deeyaso.



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